Review from Progmetalzone

Pinkroom is a fairly new and ambitious band out of Poland that to these ears sounds like a cross between Opeth along with the heavier and atmospheric moments of the latest work of Porcupine Tree.  They also remind me of early Anekdoten, the great Swedish band that definitely shook up the progressive rock world with their fusion of earthy chamber rock and metal guitar.  These guys also have an edgy, modern sensibility that would definitely play well to an alternative, indie crowd.

The standout musicians here are the guitars, drums and vocals.  Not surprising considering that the band is made up of guitarist/singer Mariusz Boniecki and drummer Marcin Kledzik along with a few guest musicians.  Their interplay is outstanding, not only on the heavier moments but also on the many lovely and haunting atmospheric parts of a lot of their songs.

This is an album that bears repeated listening.  It has tons of atmosphere and lots of unusual textures from percussion to trumpet and cello and of course a bunch of headbanging metal!  All used to great effect.  My only fear with a band that produces as strong a debut as this one is that we may not hear much from them for a while.  I hope not!

Please check out a few of their tunes below and I’ve also posted a really cool live 20-minute Pink Floyd cover.


Album Review: Pinkroom – Psychosolstice